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Rides & Social Events

Updated information as received from our members travelling to the Qld. AGM. Also adding photo's in the images section. Note- Some of the thumbnail photo's below won't open into a larger graphic due to the format of the sent photo's. At this stage we are leaving those thumbnails on the site until replacement files are received, apologise for any inconvenience.

7/5/13- Update - Christine, Di and Josef are now all back in Perth.

T2 Team - Hi all on the down hill run now, at Southern Cross tonight, just Cam & I, Ray Seddon in Kal to get another tyre so he will be on the road when Colin & Janet come through, maybe. Robyn

4/5/13 Update - Photo's Below.

The CJD Team. Gerry and Pamela are now home having a well earned rest, Christine should be home today with Josef and Di presently at Pt Hedland.

Others- Robyn and Cameron have now continued there trip home after a rest up at Mildura. Colin, Wayne and there significant others have worked there way through the Barossa Valley and should also be on there way home. Colin was given some great help when he required a replacement tyre in Tanunda, see his comments below.

A big thank you to Trevor from Trevor's Motorcycle Service for fitting me in to replace my rear tyre. Without his help I would have been in big trouble. When he removed the tyre it was stuffed. Had blue metal nearly through, thin as lucky for me I found Trevor. He is based in Tanunda. If you ever need help he is your man. Colin.

Laurie and Martin have had a few interesting days assisting Ray Dorrington rescue his trailer that he initially abandoned while travelling to the AGM. Please find Laurie's update on this fabulous adventure below.

Hi Guys, Well here we are in Charleville; it’s a long story.

After leaving the AGM on the Monday, we headed off to Burrum Heads, on the coast near Hervey Bay, just to have a few peaceful days. While there we changed our minds from a southern route home (there was snow on the Victorian Alps already!) and we decided to do a coastal route north to Townsville. There would be side trips into the hinterland from various towns and then a final run to Alice and home via the Eyre Peninsula. We did a slow wander up the coast to visit Bundaberg, 1770, Gladstone and then inland to a wonderful roadside stop just west of Moura. While having 2 days of sitting by the river, camped on a nice green grass area, we got a telephone call from Ray Dorrington. We talked about the mishap with his trailer (Ray Wright’s one) and suddenly Laurie got a bit sentimental; I knew that the game plan was changing again!

A plan was hatched to retrieve the trailer; it was only about 980 kilometres from where we were camped.

First issue was the mail we were having forwarded to Rockhampton; thus by last Monday night we were then about 1,100 kilometres from the trailer. We had arrived in Dululu (some 77 kilometres from Rockhampton). Tuesday morning had us launched the shuttle (Spyder) and do a dash into Rockhampton, collect mail and do some shopping and then race back to the mother-ship at Dululu.

By Tuesday night we were at Theodore; Wednesday night camped west of St George (with a mother-ship now covered in road grey from the kilometres of road works); Thursday had us change from Banana Benders to Corn Stalkers as we crossed the border to arrive at Enngonia some 38 kilometres south of the border; being south of the border we felt more like Mexicans than Corn Stalkers.

There at the local hotel of the thriving 10 horse town sat Ray’s poor trailer. Unable to tow another vehicle we decided repairs were not necessary; however we did launch the shuttle and how have Ray’s trailer in our trailer, Spyder on the road and mother-ship leading the way.

It will be a long trip to somewhere as neither of us feel like doing long days of driving. Plan whatever is now to get Ray’s trailer to Da Alice; at least we have a chance to get the trailer stored, even if for 12 months until collected during the AGM in 2014.

I feel happy for Ray’s trailer; it is at least doing a semi-circle of Australia in comfort.

Now the funny fact. Me, being me, sat working out in my head the rough distance from Enngonia via Broken Hill / Port Augusta to Da Alice and then via Mt Isa to Da Alice. I said to Laurie it would be almost 50 /50. He laughed and thought I was WRONG! The difference in the distance is about 50 kilometres!

We chose the north route as we would be filling in a few gaps in our previous Queensland travels, seeing country we hadn’t travelled for about 3 years and not doubling up in the Port Augusta / Alice route in a few weeks. However the south route meant we could have left the trailer in Port Augusta for a few weeks and then continued the drive from Port Augusta to Perth with 2 vehicles. Oh the choices!!

We will keep you up to date as events unfold.

Enjoy your afternoon coffee – if you are going – and a hello to others who are there.

Cheers L & M

(Dare I say “Captain Janeway and Crew”)


29/4/13 Update - Photo's Below.

The CJD Team have made considerable progress crossing the Barkly Tableland and onto Katherine in the NT. Completed a visit to Darwin and then onto Kununurra. From there the team has split with Christine Gerry and Pamela in Halls Creek tonight and Josef and Di taking the coastal route and now in Karratha.

Robyn and Cameron have been visiting family in Sydney and looking to get into Mildura in the next day or so and catching up with friends before heading for Wallaroo in S.A. where they will ride the ferry across the gulf and then on to WA and the ride across the paddock arriving back in Perth on or about the 10th.

Colin, Wayne and Kevin are also on the way home experiencing the benefits of "concrete tents".

25/4/13 Update -

The CJD Team with Gerry and Pamela packed up on Sunday after the AGM had finished and hit the rode for the long but very enjoyable ride across the top and eventually back to Perth. At this stage they have passed through the towns of 1770, Gladstone, Emerald, Alpha, Barcaldine, Ilfracombe, Winton and camped at Mt Isa last night. Photo's below.

Colin, Wayne and Kevin are also making there way back stopping off at Mt Panorama for a couple of quick laps. Photo's below.

20/4/13 Update - All good things must come to an end, last day at the AGM, grand parade, suppliers packing up and one dinner to go! Photo's below.

19/4/13 Update - The weather has certainly thrown up some challenges to our entrepid AGM'ers as you can see from the photo's below. AGM week itself has turned out fine for those that have made the trip but may have caused a number of people to cancel trips. Present estimated numbers for the AGM are 3,400 attendees. All of our members have arrived and are settled in at various areas of the venue. Laurie and Martin are in the RV area which is full of various vehicles, a major change from previous AGM's. Many members have towed camper trailers to the venue in there cars, camping in the general area and leaving the cars in secured parking. Dinner tonight will be in the Hoeker Tent which has had a number of truck loads of woods chips added to dry off the internal area. The eating area on site called the Piazza has been a huge hit with a good variety of quality food and live entertainment each night until 11.30pm. Almost all the manufactures have turned up for the event with a large number of various bikes, trikes, scooters etc. on display and available for test rides. Unfortunately there have been some mechanical issues with members requiring tyre changes, starter motor and shock absorber issues together with some trailer problems. Nothing our band of travellers have not been able to handle, and anyway tonight is the Friday night dinner under the big top!!

14/3/13 Update - Considerable amount of rain has fallen in the Maryborough area especially on Saturday. Today (Sunday) is sunny and all AGM'ers are enjoying the sunshine, let's hope that the weather holds for the coming week.

CJD Team have been cruising in the area staying with some friends of Gerry and Pamela and also taking in the scenery of Tin Can Bay. Photo's below.

T2 Team - Hope every body has the wet weathers handy you will need it today, non stop rain, all huddled in our little tents and motorhomes. Locals say it will ease, Ha Ha, only when we are ready to go home. For those back home with the heat, we are over the rain here.

11/4/13 - T2 Team. Arrived Maryborough yesterday, wet wet wet, got drowned in the last 60ks coming down the range stayed at Curra the night to dry out then onward bound to Maryborough the next day. It's a bit confusing getting into the showgrounds but hopefully they will have all the signs out today. The weather for the next few days is showers then with a bit of luck sunshine for the week of the AGM otherwise we are going to need the flippers and snorkels!!
Quite a few volunteers here at the moment lots and lots of vans and mobile homes which is not so stupid after hitting the wet weather and trying to put up camper in between showers and wind. Not so many tenters at this early stage. Photo's below. Check out the Garbo's in action!

11/4/13 - CJD Team.  Missed last night. .. we were at Lightning Ridge.
Tonight we are at Texas Queensland. ..Some great country today from Lightning Ridge though flood damaged areas into Texas. There were some knee trembling moments going through the road works with no shock absorber. ..I think I will need 2 knee replacements. ..

Remains of camper trailer battery... a close call. .. saved by Josef noticing smoke billowing & Gerry's coolness under fire and Pamela's insistence that they buy a fire extinguisher. See photo's below

9/4/13 Barry riding the old Suzuki and Ray riding the rejuvenated Goldwing side car left for the AGM last Saturday morning. That makes 15 club members on the road to the AGM.

9/4/13 Colin, Kevin and Wayne have left for the AGM and the last message had them past Pt Augusta. See photo below.

9/4/13 - CJD Team. Since the last update the team have progressed onto Mt Beauty, Lake Jindabyne, Bateman Bay, Kangaroo Valley, Coolah and the Gwydir Caravan Park where they have been joined by Gerry and Pamela. See photo's below   

9/4/13 - T2 Team We are now 79 ks from Maryborough on the Bruce Highway, staying at some little motel - first one we came to, which is attached to a fuel stop, as we hit quite a heavy shower of rain coming down the range from Kilkivan. All the way across we have had good weather, cool not too cold, warm and not too warm, just nice travelling weather until we hit this side of the continent.We are hoping that the AGM will have good weather for the week we are there otherwise it's going to be a miserable week.Laurie & Martin have left us today to camp on the side of the road closer to the AGM site as they start their volunteering on Wednesday and we start on Thursday, so hopefully that pair will let us in!! We have had a great trip across, great company and some very funny nights to remember.  We haven't done a lot of sight seeing as we have just eaten our way across.  Laurie says he won't be able to fit into his skinny jeans anymore and I have to upsize the bike from a 750 to hmmmm!!  (Laurie's words).  It has been like this all the way, great fun. Ray has had a few issues with his bike, and thankfully those issues have been fixed.

1.  Was a back tyre at Broken Hill - there is only one place in Broken Hill for bikes who could supply the one and only tyre in the place for his bike.  It took them a day and a half, a bigger job than what they thought at the time with the trike but they did it. 

2.  Issue with the rubber block on the hitch for the trailer fell apart, Ray had a spare rubber block to replace and Laurie had a welder to tack a piece of whatever to keep it there and has lasted so far.   Did this in the car park at Gilgandra.

3.  This morning had a flat battery due to leaving his little fridge plugged in overnight - Laurie to the rescue again and jump started it for him.

The roads in Queensland are quite rough, so those travelling will need to be aware, even for the solo's it's hard work.  The tar is lifted in some places forming big ridges in the middle of the road, pot holes etc.  It has been tough for the two towing trailers, very tiring.

All in all still a great trip so far, will try and keep you informed of the next part of the journey. Note- The Bell's & Whistles is a caravan park we stayed at in the little town of Bell at the top of the range before coming onto Maryborough.

Regards Team 2. Photo's below.


7/4/13 - T2 Team Sending some photos, not in order, too many to go through and name, these are from Ray Seddon.   We still have quite a few to collect and download. Sitting here in our little cabin at Coonabarabran with Laurie, Martin, Ray, Bill, Cameron who is asleep, and little old me.  They are chatting away and telling little ditties and add libbing each other, very funny, you should be here, great company. Our journey so far has been quite smooth.  Ray had an issue with his back tyre on the trike which was dealt with in Broken Hill, but other than that has been without issues. We have had lots of animals on the road, live ones and dead, between Broken Hill and Cobar it was horrendous with animals, goats in their thousands, roos, sheep, one cow, fox live and dead, me and ewes. Laurie has phoned those on their way to let them know. We are off to Goondiwindi tomorrow, not far, just a short ride as it's Bill's birthday and the boys are going to have a quiet beer or two, (which is nothing different from every other night).   Well that's all for now as the time difference is doing our heads in at the moment with daylight savings. Cheers Robyn. Since this note the T2 Team have been to Orroroo and placed a memorial for Doug and Jean who were tragically killed last year during the trip to the Mildura AGM. Photo's below. 

2/4/13 Easter Escapades Update

CJD Team Great time travelling through & around Tasmania too many highlights to mention, everything was fantastic with a mix of camping and hard accommodation. The weather was on our side with our sea crossing back to Port Melbourne, lucky for Di. A little confusion on our exit from Port Melbourne lucky for us it was a public holiday and too early for the trams. We are now heading north through the Alpine region. Camping in Bright tonight. Bushfires have devastated the area though the roads and weather are fantastic. Travelling over Mt Hotham was exhilarating despite the devastating effect of recent fires. A must need are thermals for the Thredbo area and the journey from Bright to Mt Beauty on towards Kosciusko National Park finishing at Lake Jindabyne was sublime...See photo's below.

Tony & Terry (T&T) After travelling with the T2 Team and camping overnight at Balladonia Tony and Terry returned to Kalgoorlie spending the rest of Easter in the area. They then worked there way to Esperance. Photo's below. 

T2 Team have progressed on from Balladonia onto the Border then Ceduna, presently heading for Orroroo. See photo's below.

Dave S. Home after my down south/east/west excursion, 2,127 total kilometre's in 5 days with overnight accommodation consisting of caravan parks, friends homes, overflow caravan park (Esperance Sports Grounds), road side camping facilities. All good accommodation and very interesting scenery and thanks go to Marianne Janssen and Terry for putting up with me and my snoring. See photo's below.

29/3/13- The T2 team (second group to depart for the AGM) met at El Caballo this morning for a farewell breakfast before commencing there trip to Maryborough. First stop Day 1 was Southern Cross. Photo's below.

29/3/13- (CJD) Chris had some problems with her bikes suspension but managed to get repairs completed in Hobart. The team has continued on and are camped at Bicheno Caravan Park.

27/3/13- (CJD) Despite some cold weather including rain when entering Tasmania the team have continued there trip and are camping at Huonville Caravan Park tonight. Weather has improved and all are having a ball. A number of photo's have been added below.

24/3/13- (CJD) First week summary.

Minus Gerry and Pamela due to shoulder problem, Josef, Di and Christine met at Sawyers Valley at 8.30 intending to stop at Coolgardie for our first night ( Josef was continuing to Kalgoolie to catch up with friends ) as always plans change. There was a ghost of a past trip & Di experienced a flat battery, electrical problem? All good accessory problem sorted. We played leap frog with an oversized truck and his pilot for two days. The truckie apologised to Christine at one fuel stop, as he drifted across the road as she went passed. No wild life concerns, stopped at emu crossing for two large specimens to cross the road around Madura Pass. Not far from Nullabor Station a small den of dingo's sighted near the road with dad crossing in front of us.Two small wallabies 30km from Iron Knob waved as we went passed. The usual stops being made along the way, a nice ride through Horricks Pass towards Orroroo to remind us that not all roads are straight. Then a quick run to Adelaide for some tyres, Josef is testing out a Metzler & Christine is testing out a Perelli. Our camping skills have only been used for three nights on our way to catch the Spirit of Tasmania due to rain. It didn't dampen our enthusiasm for the Great Ocean Road, just a more cautious ride. A very rough crossing to Tasmania and greeted with a wild & wet day going to Strahan. Day off Sunday doing river cruise. Staying in a variety of accommodation and meeting some interesting characters. All still upright and laughing.

21/3/13- (CDJ) Similar to the trip across the Nullarbor the team hit winds and some rain as they worked there way across to Victoria ending up today at Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road. 

20/3/13- (CDJ) Continuing east, crossed Wellington Ferry on Murray River today.

19/3/13- Christine, Di and Josef (CDJ) have had a few issues with the bikes but are now well into S.A. Christine and Josef purchased new tyres as they passed through Adelaide and camped at Strathalbyn last night, this is a beautiful part of the world.

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