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Subject: Motorcycle Safety


Hi Guys

We have a once in a decade  opportunity to have our say and input into the 2020 – 2028 Road Safety Strategy from a motorcycle riders perspective at the motorcycle specific consultation forum on 14th September at the Scarborough Community Centre,

173 Gildercliffe St. Scarborough, starting at 9.30 am.

We need as many riders there as possible to give the WA Government our views and opinions on what will motorcycle riding safer into the future.

Visit the Facebook event page to register your interest in this event.

You can also complete the online consultation and have your say imaginezero.rsc.wa.gov.au 

If you would like to discuss any future actions and can’t make it in person, please contact me and I will raise your issues at the meeting.

Dave Wright #51871

Ulysses Club National Committee

Chair, Road Safety Committee

Purchasing, Advertising, Membership and Community Engagement

Phone:      0418 954 424

Email:        purchasing@ulysses.org.au




Website:   www.ulyssesclub.org

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From 1st of Aug 2018 new start location Rear carpark of Dome in Kelmscott. 



Please review the Ride Calendar for Sunday ride start times, if a pre planned ride is not listed for that particular Sunday then the start time will be 9.00am for a decision on the day. Everybody is welcome. We are a very relaxed and friendly group at Armadale.

Below Suggestions for new riders, Also see Branch ride Guides in documents.


One of the biggest risk factors for those new to a group is feeling the need to keep up with faster riders. Stretching your comfort zone by trying to keep up may put you at risk. You should be able to ride near the speed limit (up to 100 -110kph on open roads) but there is no need to keep up if a gap is created; TEC (Tail End Charlie) will not overtake you and the corner markers will wait until TEC comes through, Don’t panic - resist the feeling of being pressured.

Above all, don’t speed trying to catch up!

Ulysses Club