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Dear Members

Members will know that Rick Bedford, 7481, Life Member 12 has ridden on. Rick passed away with his family at his side on Saturday 22nd June. I am sure you all share with the National Committee in expressing our condolences to Sherol Bedford and her family after the passing of former National President and Life member; Rick Bedford.

Rick joined the Ulysses Club on 23rd August 1994 and was very active member. He was first elected to the National Committee in 1998 to 1999, served as Vice President from 1999 to 2002 and served again as President from 2002 to 2006.

Rick was made a Life Member of the Ulysses Club in honour of his exemplary service. The award was presented to Rick at the AGM in 2008 in Townsville

Rick fought a very courageous battle against Oesophageal Cancer, remaining a positive, thoughtful man until the end.

A former Policeman, a published author, a great ambassador for the Ulysses Club and a good friend to all who knew him, Rick leaves behind a great legacy and will be remembered for many reasons, including being the President who made tough decisions at the Canberra AGM to ensure the safety of all Ulyssians, but also as the gentleman who had the forethought to realise that the RV component of the Ulysses Club was vital to its older population.

Rick will be missed by all who knew him.

The Memorial Service for Rick will be held at
The Thornside Community Hall,
200 Mooroondu Road, Thornside, QLD
Time: From 10.15 to 11.45. Tea/coffee to follow.

All friends and Ulysses Club members are welcome and invited to attend.
Two of the Ulysses Club’s past National Presidents have shared their tributes to and memories of Rick

Vale Rick Bedford – Kim Kennerson

I first became aware of the late Rick Bedford whilst attending the Ulysses Club AGM at Cairns in 1999.
My earliest clear memory of Rick was of him sitting next to the late Ian Rawlings at the Annual General Meeting whilst listening to and being involved in the proceedings of the meeting.
Ian and Rick had submitted nominations for National President and National Vice-president respectively. Ian was the current National Treasurer and Rick held an ordinary committee position.
Nominated candidates were called upon to speak to the voting members about their desire and suitability to serve the club on the national committee. Both Ian and Rick in turn gave passionate and genuine speeches about their love of the Ulysses Club, their leadership qualities and their willingness to work to the best of their ability for the club.

The opposing candidate who challenged both positions spoke passionately about themselves and also their heavy involvement in motorcycle safety issues.
This candidate never made any special references about the Ulysses Club nor mentioned the club name at any time.
At the conclusion of the speeches I leaned across to a member friend sitting next to me and declared "these two guys have got it sown up".

This was the beginning of a new era for the club.

Rick served as National Vice-President under the leadership of Ian Rawlings for the next three years (1999 – 2002).
Upon the retirement of Ian Rawlings in 2002 Rick nominated for the position of National President but had some strong competition from another committee member nomination.
At this time, I was a new boy on the block on the national committee, so to speak, and I must confess I did not have any preference nor did I care as to who won the leadership contest, although I did vote for Rick. In hindsight, the longer I served as national secretary under Rick’s leadership, the more I began to realise that the right man had won the job both in the working stability of the committee and the overall interests of the club.

Rick served as National President for four years (2002 – 2006).

If Rick had a swan song whist serving the club during his national presidency it was during the National AGM in Canberra in 2005.
The then local Rebel outlaw motorcycle club chapter president was incensed that the Ulysses Club had established it’s AGM in what he considered to be his territory without his knowledge and permission.
The enraged chapter president with a very heavy backup confronted the Ulysses Club at the showground centre of activities.

I still believe today that Rick was the right man for the right time at this confrontation.

Rick was a recently retired Detective Sergeant in the Paedophile unit in Queensland Police.
I believe this long-accumulated police experience with dealing with difficult individuals and situations gave him the ability to resolve a potentially dangerous situation.
Rick adopted a calming effect on the confrontational meeting and also instigated a new Ulysses Club rule of a ban on members wearing (outlaw style) rockers on their back.
These measures had an effect of defusing the club differences and the Ulysses Club was able to move on.

Over time my good working relationship with Rick became much more than that, we became very good friends.
Rick to me was one of my closest club mentors, confidants and more importantly mates and like so many others will miss him dearly.
RIP Rick Bedford.

Kim Kennerson,
UCARF Coordinator,
Past National President,
#6929 L.M. 14

Vale Rick Bedford – Helena Gritton

Ulysses Club members, mates and friends were saddened to learn of the Passing On of Ulysses Club Past National President Rick Bedford Member #7481 LM #12 on the 22nd June 2019.

Rick was devoted to the Ulysses Club at both branch and national level and this devotion extended well beyond the time he'd served on committees.

During Rick's years as National President he strongly encouraged the preservation of the original concept of the Ulysses Club whilst also maintaining pace with evolutionary changes.
He encouraged factoring FUN into branch activities and in particular when raising funds for charities. He believed in solidarity and strength and that social interaction and friendships made the Ulysses Club strong.

He possessed great communication and negotiation skills which served the club well on many occasions and in particular during the "Rocker issue" in 2005 at the AGM in Canberra.
Rick was well respected and had a great rapport with people; he promoted unity and leadership; he mentored and inspired members and he graciously gave his time, experience and knowledge whenever needed. Rick considered that being National President of the Ulysses Club was one of the greatest pleasures that he experienced.

Post his days on the national committee, Rick appreciated the need for members to remain committed and connected to the Ulysses Club when for what ever reason they could no longer comfortably ride by initiating the establishment of the RV Group for Ulysses Club members. Thus enabling members to continue to enjoy the comradeship and companionship of their friends. The first AGM held in Cowra in 2008 saw 55 attendees with membership numbers since those formative days extend to over 1200. The RV group not only continues to fill the huge void that past riders experienced but it also assists in sustaining the membership of the Ulysses Club and provides funds raised to UCARF.

Rick had been a valuable asset to the National Committee having been at times called upon for advice as a club Elder. He'd willingly attend, mediate or chair the occasional branch meeting on behalf of the National Committee. He also played an active role on the much respected Constitution Review Committee, bringing the clubs constitution up to date with Incorporated requirements and he agreed to pen the addendum of the latest edition of the Ulysses Story capturing the highlights of the club during 2010 - 2015.

Rick befriended countless members during his Ulysses journey and he will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Members join in with expressing their sincere condolences to Sherol and their families.

Helena Gritton #14027 LM #19
Past National President

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