Rides & Social Events
Rides & Social Events
2018 Odyssey Mt Barker 
Presidents Meeting held 23/09/18
Meeting opened: 5pm
Present: Chris Glover  Chairperson Dave Wright  Natcom John Gliddon  Perth President Julie Wilcox  Warnbro Sound Wanderers President Julie Dally  Fremantle Mark Dixon  Perth Steve Springett  Bunbury Stephen Morrow Great Southern President Shane Rooney  Great Southern Secretary Tony Collins  Fremantle Ian Dix   Mandurah President Sandra Dix  Mandurah Secretary Susan Allen-Szabo Mandurah Alan Roper  Joondalup Ken Eaton  Joondalup Ray Seddon  Armadale Josef Gabriel  Armadale Arno Vidoni  Armadale Graham King  Geraldton Peter Moore  Geraldton Dianna Glover  Minute taker
Apologies:   Donna - Swan Valley Hills branch Steve & Brenda Ingram – Bunbury branch
Chris welcomed everyone, thanked the Great Southern branch for a terrific Odyssey and read out the minutes from the meeting 7th April 2018 at Inglewood Hotel.
Business arising:  2019 Odyssey:  Mandurah is running the event in Bridgetown.  2020 Odyssey: Warnbro is running the event and are talking with Geraldton branch to join forces and run it together. Chris will advise at the next Presidents meeting if the Odyssey will be in Geraldton or York. 2021 Odyssey: Joondalup have put their hand up to run it. The choice is between Kalgoorlie and Esperance with the preference for Esperance.
Memorial Ride 2019:  If any smaller branches would like to run the Memorial ride, then the bigger branches can donate funds to help out with the communal lunch. Chris explained the Memorial Ride for those not familiar with it. It is always held on the 2nd Sunday in September. The start at an alternative carpark this year was great so it was decided to start there again in future. It had moved from the Midland Shopping Centre as it was having additions built and the carpark has been decreased. Julie will send details to Dave to put into the Riding On. Warnbro Sound Wanderers have put their hand up to run the 2019 Memorial ride.
Breakfast Club:  The breakfast club is going well with good numbers each month. Bunbury are hosts for October and it will be at Extensions Restaurant. Ken will send out details to the branches.
 Natcom:  Dave said that the National Committee are trying to find ways of reducing costs. The Riding On magazine has been reduced to 44 pages this issue, down from 96. This is estimated to save around $70,000 a year. It can be received digitally 2 weeks earlier. There are 5 new posters and 3 new pull up banners that have been designed. They are more colourful and will hopefully encourage more members. Posters can be printed in A3 size for $7 from Officeworks. The artwork for the posters and banners can be sent out by a link and you can get them printed up yourselves. It is nice to see more branches helping out at promotional events. It is a good idea to have a laptop so you can join people on the spot rather than they just walk away and forget.
Safety meeting:  There is bike clothing testing scheme which will result in swing tags having a star rating. This will help in making decisions when buying motorcycle safety gear.
Websites and Facebook:  It was asked that branches try to keep their Facebook relevant as people are getting too many updates and tend to “tune out”.  Sandra said that the Mandurah branch has a closed Facebook group and t works extremely well for them.  Chris said to try to keep posts positive especially if the public can see the page. Negativity puts people off. Susan said that Natcom also has a media policy so branches should try to abide by it.
Telemachus & Dearnley nominations:  Chris said that branches should think about nominating people who do a lot of work for the branch or club for either a Telemachus or Dearnley medal.
Voting: Anyone who is a member of Ulysses can vote at any branch AGM. They should really use their conscience when going to another branch AGM.
2021 National Rally: Tony is looking for a Secretary for the event. He is building a team utilising peoples past experience and would like to know if there is anyone with skills that might want to put their hand up and help out. Chris & Dianna are Traders and Gear Shop Coordinators respectively. We need to enlist people to man the promotional stand at Mornington and Lismore. The Perth Convention Bureau has allocated some money to promote the 2021 event. We may possibly have a free tshirt – 2019 as a teaser for the event and 2020 the actual event tshirt. Ushers for the 2019 and 2020 event dinners will be needed also. National President Jen Woods and National Rally Coordinator will be in WA 12-14 October for meetings with the Mandurah council. There will also be a meet and greet bbq at Tony’s place. Just let Tony know if you are coming. He is hoping that all the 2021 team will turn up. The Minister for Tourism and other Politicians are getting involved with MAPTO and having meetings. They are hoping to encourage members to travel around WA as well as attend the National Rally. If anyone has members wanting to know any information please send them to Tony. Dave has offered to help with sponsorship but can’t be involved as a leader. We will need to raise funds for the Rally handbook. If anyone has skills, they can be part of a team if they don’t want to lead. The manual has a wealth of information to guide people along. Tony would like to have “ecofriendly” event and is hoping to have sponsors for reusable mugs. He is trying to cut down on waste. There will be no brochures as such but will have business cards with links to websites. Steve suggested that there be QR codes on them as well. Dave said that the Road Safety Commission may be able to help out with a grant to have reusable cups. They will need to have a safety message on them. Tony said he will look into it. John G from Perth branch will head the Parade team. Tony said that a lot of people are indicating that they will be coming over in 2021. He has budgeted for 1700 people. Ken E asked about RV’s as there are a lot of members aging and using RV’s. Tony said that there is lots of room as it is a green site, but there is to be no waste water to be dumped. RV’s are to be self-contained and grey water is to be collected. The site is Peelwood Soccer ground and is huge.  They will also try to have a dump point at the site. Ken asked how far the site from the train station. It is about 5kms and accessible by bus. There might be a possibility of a user pays shuttle bus. The hierarchy of the team is: Director, then 7 managers, then coordinators, then team members.
 Everyone around the table introduced themselves.
General Business: Susan from Mandurah: It would be good if everyone could keep their website up to date. Most new members come through the website. The website is their first port of call. It seems that since Facebook has been around it has not been happening. Facebook is for members of that group, not the public.  She had a look at a few sites and saw that they were very out of date. This can potentially put people off enquiring about Ulysses as it seems that no one is doing anything in that area. If it is not up to date, then how are new members going to find out what is happening.
Ian from Mandurah: As the Chairperson for Presidents meeting is a 12 month position, he would like to nominate Ken Eaton to take over from Chris at the April 2019 meeting. Accepted by all. The next meeting is the first Saturday in April.
Sandra from Mandurah: The Charity ride is on 8th December. They are having a bit of an issue with Traffic Management but the Council is more involved this year. They are hoping it will be smoother through traffic lights. The ride is leaving from Pinjarra at 9.30am. There is also a Drought Affected Farmers charity ride. South Australia raised $22,500 for bales of hay. There is a ride on 6th October leaving from Armadale going via Jarrahdale and will finish at Ravenswood. She will send a brochure out to branches.
Shane from Great Southern: Thank you to Carly for all the work she has done for the Odyssey.
Peter from Geraldton: All is going well at Geraldton. There was a Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and this attracted a few more members.
Nungers from Geraldton: He is trying to keep the website up to date. They don’t use Facebook but do use Google groups to have a forum and get information out to members.  Everyone needs to keep the National  office updated with changes to branch committees.
Steve from Great Southern: Thanks everyone for coming. It has been a lot of hard work but worth it when you look at all the happy people.
Ken from Joondalup: He is going on the Dogs on Hogs ride and will promote Ulysses there.
John from Perth: Thanked Ken and Joondalup for a great Memorial Ride.
Attendance numbers to the Odyssey: Armadale   10 Bunbury:  8 Fremantle  8 Geraldton  10 Great Southern  16 Joondalup  15 Kalgoorlie  3 Mandurah  8 Perth   9 Unaffiliated  12 Warnbro Sound Wanderers 29
Meeting finished:    6.15pm
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