Rides & Social Events
Rides & Social Events

Richard, Gerry & myself attended the extended national committee meeting today.
Here is a sneak brief pending our secretary report when we get home.
Introduction of nation and branch members.
Ray S attended previous days road safety discussion.
Thanked volunteers ie: all plus Barry L & David B from our branch.
New name for future AGM gathering to be called "National Rally"
UCARF presentation of branch donations of $70,000.
AGM info Mornington Peninsula Vic in 2019.
" Lismore in 4th May 2020.
Announcement of 8th April 2021 being Mandurah, at Fairwoods sporting complex, Halls Head.
A whole hour on membership and retention recorded ideas. soon to be sent out to branches.
This years aprox attendees numbers 1,900.


By Tony President, 

PS: Richard may provide more info at the next General meeting.

My Views,

An excellent event first time members mixed were able to mix together no matter what mode of transport we used, meaning bikes, tents campers and Caravans adjacent to each other and nice grassed area. Shame about the cold winds and night temperatures, one can't control the weather But at least it was dry. From what i saw the whole event was good, The traders hall was busy better than 2016. Display bikes and test rides, Only three manufacturers turned up. Showers were minimal, one had to plan your timing only two trucks one near us containing 3 male and 3 female cubicals. Lovely area, locals looked after us well, claims are we injected 7 million into the economy. Plenty to do with lead rides, and self guided routes offered. Museums and river boat rides all close. The grand parade was really exceptional with Police escorts, road blocks over 26k Starting in Barmera, Berri and ending in Renmark.

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From 1st of Aug 2018 new start location Rear carpark of Dome in Kelmscott. 



Please review the Ride Calendar for Sunday ride start times, if a pre planned ride is not listed for that particular Sunday then the start time will be 9.00am for a decision on the day. Everybody is welcome. We are a very relaxed and friendly group at Armadale.

Below Suggestions for new riders, Also see Branch ride Guides in documents.


One of the biggest risk factors for those new to a group is feeling the need to keep up with faster riders. Stretching your comfort zone by trying to keep up may put you at risk. You should be able to ride near the speed limit (up to 100 -110kph on open roads) but there is no need to keep up if a gap is created; TEC (Tail End Charlie) will not overtake you and the corner markers will wait until TEC comes through, Don’t panic - resist the feeling of being pressured.

Above all, don’t speed trying to catch up!

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