Rides & Social Events
Rides & Social Events

I really want to do a overnighter to Dalwallinu while the wild flowers are out. they won't be out for much longer and this month is already busy with rides and weekends away and I don't want to steal anyone's thunder, I have decided to go this Thursday 8th Oct and come back Friday 9th Oct. Accommodation is $85 per night at the Pub. At the moment Ray and Jenny S and myself are going. If you want to ride or drive up with us let me know.

Note departure time will be 8.30am at Macca's Forest Lakes.

John B Mobile 0410 491531

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From 1st of Aug 2018 new start location Rear carpark of Dome in Kelmscott. 



Please review the Ride Calendar for Sunday ride start times, if a pre planned ride is not listed for that particular Sunday then the start time will be 9.00am for a decision on the day. Everybody is welcome. We are a very relaxed and friendly group at Armadale.

Below Suggestions for new riders, Also see Branch ride Guides in documents.


One of the biggest risk factors for those new to a group is feeling the need to keep up with faster riders. Stretching your comfort zone by trying to keep up may put you at risk. You should be able to ride near the speed limit (up to 100 -110kph on open roads) but there is no need to keep up if a gap is created; TEC (Tail End Charlie) will not overtake you and the corner markers will wait until TEC comes through, Don’t panic - resist the feeling of being pressured.

Above all, don’t speed trying to catch up!

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