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Well, what a great day and what a great ride. Trevor led the ride as suggested by Arno to Waroona for a roast dinner via Pinjarra bakery (in Pinjarra) for morning tea. He did ask if anyone who had not led a ride before, would like to do it. 35 out of 40 people immediately looked down to the ground and put their hands in their pockets so we assumed that was a NO. We went through the back roads to Pinjarra which was a variation on our normal route. Waroona was via The Old Bunbury Road to Lake Clifton then Old Coast Road to Coronation Road and onto The Pub. The roast beef melted in the mouth, after a lot of Banter, Laughing and Joking we headed back, some of us called into Jarrahdale on the way home for coffee. Thanks again Trevor and John. Photo's below.

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