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Cameron Johnston was a long time member of the Ulysses Armadale Heritage Branch. He was an enthusiastic club member and the sort of person that you instantly classified as a friend as soon as you met him. Taken to early, he will be sadly missed.

A tribute from one of Cameron's sons.

To my Friends and Family, this is my father Cameron Johnston, he passed away from Tuesday 28th May. He had been battling with lung Cancer. He never gave up! He had so many plans, so much he wanted to do with mum in there retirement, travel, visit family, friends, grand kids, like everyone else! I guess this was not even a thought all those years ago. Now we remember the life he lead, and a man with a big heart, who loved his family and provided for us all his life and the hard work that went into his family. The friends he loved, the passion for his motorbikes and the sport of motor racing. The things that drove him to make the desicions he did. You were there for us all the way, you helped us boys and Emily to grow in to people we are today. Thank you! We love you Dad! We will miss you Dad!

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