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John Brown #58607 30/6/1952 - 26/11/2016

It is with sadness that Armadale Heritage (WA) Branch advises the loss of Johnno (JB) Brown (58607). JB was a strong supporter of the Branch as Ride Coordinator, Welfare Officer and Committee member. He discovered and shared many roads we had never ridden before and he loved getting away on a weekend ‘overnighter’ with a bunch of mates on his Triumph Thunderbird, finding and riding some of the best roads of the mid and south-west of WA.

As Ride Coordinator he planned and led most of the Branch rides over the last few years, including most impromptu Friday and Branch Sunday rides. He also organised many social outings and night rides. Johnno once offered to be Tail-End Charlie on a ride, shortly after joining the Club. As a result of his volunteering for the role, history records that he was far from impressed when he found himself last in the queue at the café stop and in typical Johnno style, everyone quickly knew about it. As the ride leader, however, it was an almost sure bet he would be seated with his order by the time the rest of us got in the door.

Johnno was also the Branch Welfare Officer and he showed his genuine caring side as he supported and visited any of us who were recovering from an injury or illness. It’s fair to say that he cared more about others’welfare than his own; so much so that many of us were not aware of how poor his health was until he entered a grim struggle with the advanced stages of leukaemia. But Johnno was a realist and the way he faced the probable out come of his disease was an inspiration to us all. He succumbed to pneumonia on Saturday 26/11/2016 and passed away peacefully with his family at his side.

JB could be confronting to some as he pulled no punches and always spoke his mind but beneath this he would do anything he could for anyone. He genuinely loved people and the social side of Ulysses. A big man with a humorous quick wit, there was never a dull moment when JB was around. He liked nothing better than to ‘take the mickey’ or ‘send up’ one of us in a hilarious manner, always very loudly in a crowded café, which never failed to attract the bemused attention of the other patrons who were then left in no doubt that we were indeed a disgraceful lot. He used to say he only did so if he liked you, and he copped the same in return with equal humour.

Professionally he started his working life as a bricklayer, moving on to become a contractor builder. Whatever he did he put in 110%effort, as he proved in his later years as a driving instructor. Johnno enjoyed a rare high pass rate for his students, indicative of his being one of the best manual car Instructors in the business.

A large contingent of Ulyssians formed a cavalcade of motorcycles as a tribute ride to a memorable and moving Celebration of his Life, with his son Nick riding JB’s beloved Thunderbird. As was his wish, another Branch ride and ceremony has since been held with his family, to scatter his ashes and erect a family plaque by the side of Nanga Road in Waroona, his favourite ride.

Gone too soon, he will be remembered always but especially as we pass this place.

He will always be with us. Ride on, Johnno.

Ray Seddon 51171 – on behalf of all members of Armadale Heritage Branch, WA.


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