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While Alf Bridle was not a Ulysses Armadale Heritage Club Member he was a founding member of the Ulysses Club in W.A.

Vale: Alf Bridle 

Ulysses Beginnings in WA. 
In April 1988 Alf Bridle, who was already a member of the Ulysses Club wrote a letter to the National Secretary requesting a list of all W.A. members. From the thirty or so members at the time he sent letters to the twenty three who lived within approximately 100 kms of Perth inviting them to a meeting at the Pine Creek Tavern, Forrestfield on the 29th September. Three members and three prospective members turned up at that first meeting. Later continued to operate out from the Raffles Hotel in Applecross for more than 12 years. Fremantle and Armadale were formed in 2001 when George Robinson & Tim Horner. George was Alf's Quartermaster at Perth Branch. 
A memorial ride was held on Sunday 12th February 2107.,

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