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Doug and Jeannie Remembrance Ride – Sunday 1st November 2015.

Glenn’s Lead, standing in for John Brown.

This was one of Doug’s favourite rides; down through the Wellington Dam and on to Balingup and Dardanup.

It was to be led by John Brown but unfortunately his dad fell ill and JB was at the hospital all day, so the ride was led by Glenn Sargeson.


Eight of us left Armadale at 8:15am in cool overcast weather, but there was no sign of rain as we made our way southwards through Oakford, Corio Road in a gentlemanly manner (of course) and to Pinjarra for morning tea.

Coffee was welcome at the Bakery and the air was a little warmer when we got into the parking area to find a trio of attractive mature ladies, hinting strongly for a ride on Andrew’s flash little scoot! but he fought and beat them off, so we headed southwards on South Western Highway, through Waroona, Harvey and Wokalup.

Here we turned off onto Mornington Road. Always a great run through the forest here, especially as the sun came through the clouds but was conveniently masked by heavy shadows over the road.

It was quite warm as Glenn stopped at Wellington Dam where we took a leg stretch, shed a jumper or two and two of our number departed.

The twisty road along the base of the dam and along the river was a bit tricky for the remaining six as a recent controlled burn (thanks Ross) followed by some rain had produced slippery ash run-off on the road.

One notorious switchback claimed another hapless victim when L-plate Ray ditched his bike on the same corner that claimed Yours Truly and a Not-Very-Amused Jenny in similar fashion several years ago!

This corner is now perpetually recorded in Heritage chronicles as ‘Two-Rays Twist’. But, no damage done so we dusted Ray and his bike off and headed through to Donnybrook and on to Balingup Pub.

Here, to our huge disappointment, we found the Pub Had No Beer – it was in fact not even open, so it was back into town to a café. The sandwiches there were Logs and the burgers were Stacks.


Lunch in this quaint little town was relaxing although a little sombre for those of us who knew Doug and Jeannie as we spent a few moments remembering good times and a yarn or two, but in true Russell Quoit style it was soon time to hit the road so we retraced our steps through to Boyanup and Dardanup where we turned eastward.

On the Ferguson Road Glenn veered onto Henty Brook Road, a scenic, winding and dipping road that emerges back onto the Highway south of Brunswick.

So we wended our way homewards with a final stop at Pinjarra for several of us, for a well-earned bum-break and coffee fix.

(A couple of phone calls at this time fended off any concerned Facebook posts), before the final charge home, arriving still in daylight.

A long day of over 540kms, but this is an iconic ride, destined to become a regular event or overnighter and was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. Some of the best scenery to be had at this time of the year along some fun sweeping roads. 

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