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Doug was tragically killed, along with his pillion Jean, when his Goldwing collided with a caravan near Orroroo in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. Doug loved attending the Ulysses AGMs and had been to Penrith, Albany and Newcastle and was on his way to the Mildura AGM when the accident occurred.

I first met Doug when I joined the Warnbro Sound Wanderers (WA) in 2007. At that time he rode an old Harley Davidson Ultra Classic. He later moved to Armadale and began riding with the Armadale Heritage Brranch. He referred to them as his family and rarely missed a Sunday ride with them. He was a gregarious man who enjoyed the social interaction almost as much as riding the meandering, hilly roads in the Darling Ranges and beyond. He never liked riding alone and often filled the role of ride leader with the Armadale group. He would never take the direct route if there was one with more bends, corners and roundabouts.

Doug had been many things in his life, including farmer, truck driver and tour bus operator. No matter where we went, he would always meet somebody he knew. Whether we were buying petrol in a remote town or holding up the bar in a country pub, he would strike up a conversation with somebody he knew or discover they had a mutual friend or two.

The two things Doug loved most were riding his motorcycle and spending time with his beloved dog, Caesar. At the time of his death he had just retired and was looking forward to buying a large caravan to transport them and the motorcycle round Australia. He was a big man who leaves a huge empty space behind.

Marian Dixon

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