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Twelve rider's and two pillions assembled for Glenn's Sunday Ride to Bouvard. It was great to see Neil again without his back brace on, not able to ride yet but well on the way to recovery. Ditto for Keith who hadn't ridden for four and a half months because of a shoulder operation but he was "back on the horse" with the Triumph looking very clean and shiny. The weatherman had advised fine weather for most of the day and as we departed it looked as if he may have got it right. 

The first part of the ride saw us work our way south staying on the western side of the highway along the "usual suspects" including a run along Corio Road. It was almost like a serenity ride as we gently worked our way into Pinjara and onto the bakery for morning tea. Keith decided to leave us here as he wanted to go easy for his first ride back.   On departure the sun was still shining bright with plenty of blue sky as we left Pinjarra and turned off on Nanga Road. Always a good run however for a little while things got dark as we passed the camping grounds (would have been fun in a tent last night!!) with just a few sprinkles of rain. As we started coming down the range into Waroona, the skies cleared once again as we turned west. We crossed the highway and continued west going along an interesting road that Glenn had discovered called Dorsett Road. Before long we were working our way along the inlet enjoying the sunshine and views before pulling into the Bouvard Tavern for lunch.

Lunch was served and the portions were generous, to say the least. Again perfect timing by Glenn saw a sudden heavy shower come through during our lunch break which caused rearranging of the seating positions. By the time we had finished lunch the weather had cleared and again the sun was shining as we worked our way back tracing some of our footsteps before heading north on the highway and turning off heading back to Pinjarra. Afternoon tea was at the Settlers Rest where we had our last break before departing home in various directions. 

Thanks to Glenn for planning the ride, a great combination of a number of well traveled roads strung together to make for a very enjoyable Sunday ride. Well done Glenn. 

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