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The large amount of rain over the past few days and the threatening clouds on the horizon on Sunday morning had taken its toll. As we looked around the carpark preparing for John's review before departure it was clear that only the hard men of Armadale had turned up to do battle with the elements on this Sunday morning.

We eight traveled up the South West Highway and while the breeze was a little cool, the sun was shining and blue skies prevailed. This continued all the way up Del Park Road and onto Dwellingup which was our morning tea stop. I needed fuel so went down to the servo and fueled up. On my return to the cafe I was a little surprised that all the "hard men" had decided to sit inside by the fire, some what out of character. Some one chimed in that it was easier for the people serving if we were inside!

Anyway we were soon on the road and heading out of town but instead of heading out on the Williams Road we were once again on the Del Park Road going towards Perth! Knowing John was leading we all I think felt that he had discovered a new way to get to the Williams Road from this direction. The anticipation was growing as we headed down the road but all of a sudden John had pulled over in a parking area, dismounted and had become very animated. He proceeded to explain that he had suffered a GPS malfunction and had believed that we were heading in the right direction until it finally dawned on him that we were not!

So we decided that it was best that we get back onto the South West Highway and make a mile. We continued on until just before Wokelup where we pulled over and John was trying to consult the moon, the stars or the sun but it was raining that hard that he was having little success. After a session of ragging by the "hard men of Armadale" it was decided that we would do the trip in reverse and head up to Brunswick Junction, cut across the Fergusson Valley, Gnomesville and come into Mumbullup the back way! 

Once we cleared the range and headed down into the valley John had organised some great weather and it was sunshine and blue skies as we parked up outside the Mumby Pub. As we were getting our gear off outside the pub a shout was heard " get your orders in the chef is leaving in 10 minutes"! We scramble into the pub to have a quick squiz at the menu when another shout is heard "we've only got hamburgers"!  Needless to say, we ordered eight hamburgers! The hamburgers were great and we washed them down with various drinks and a couple of shots of ragging mostly aimed at John.

However, the food was good, the atmosphere of this old pub needs to be experienced to appreciate what a great little spot it is and the fun and frivolity just continued. After lunch we were approached by the publican to sample his home brew (how often does that happen in a pub) but we still had some miles to do so we respectfully declined. He also gave us some directions and wished us well from the verandah as we departed.

As we turned left to head for Collie the rain recommenced and basically stayed with us for some time. We fueled at Collie and headed for Mornington Road onto the South West Highway and Pinjarra where John had organised to meet Sally and Tony who had been down south celebrating his birthday. It was great to catch up for afternoon tea and even more fun and frivolity before we headed for home. Thanks to John B for organising a great day and being able to take so much stick from the "hard men of Armadale", well done.     

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