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With a forecast of 39 degrees it was great to see 14 riders arrive for the Sunday Ride. Trevor had a long and interesting route planned to get us to Gidge for morning tea. We headed north from Armadale hugging the railway line before working our way up the Tonkin and then to the top of Welshpool Road. From there it was down to Forrestfield onto the Roe Highway before cutting across the back of Jane Brook and worked our way up to Avon Ridge. Great views and a relatively cool easterly made for a comfortable ride. We then came in around the back of O'Briens Road before completing a couple of loops on the north western side of Gidge with one U-Turn thrown in to make sure riders had an opportunity to update their skills! It was busy at the café but we strategically positioned ourselves in the breeze way and enjoyed morning tea. It was then decided that due to the heat about half of the riders would continue to York with the remainder coming home. Thanks to Trevor for a well planned an enjoyable ride. 

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